Ivánka - Bradford

1986, Dallas, Texas Master's Championship
(English Opening)

1.Nf3, Nf6 2.c4, g6 3.Nc3, Bg7 4.g3, 0-0 5.Bg2, c5 6.0-0, Nc6 7.d4, cd: 8.Nd4:, Nd4: 9.Qd4:, d6 10.Qh4, Qa5 11.Bd2, Be6 12.b3, Rab8 13.Rfd1, Qf5 14.Rac1, a6 15.e4, Qg4 16.Qg4:, Bg4: 17.f3, Bd7 18.c5!, dc: 19.e5, Ne8 20.Be3, Bc6 21.Bc5:, Nc7 22.f4!, ( 22. Bxe7 Rfe8 23. Bf6 Bxf6 24. exf6 Re6 25. f4 Bxg2 26. Kxg2 Ne8 is only slightly better for White.) 22... Bxg2 23. Kxg2 Rfe8 24. Rd7 Rbc8 25. Ne4 (White could take the pawn with 25. Bxe7, and 25... Nd5 /25... Rxe7 26. Rxe7 Nd5 27. Nxd5 Rxc1 28. Rxb7 Rc2+ 29. Kf3 Rxa2 30. Ne7+ Kf8 31. Nc8 followed by Nd6/ 26. Rxd5 Rxe7 27. Rdd1 Rec7 28. Ne2 leads to a superior endgame. After the text move, White still wins a pawn, and keeps the opponent under the pressure.) 25... Ne6 26.Rb7:, f5 27.ef:, ef: 28.Nd6, Rc5: 29. Rg7:+!, Ng7: 30.Rc5:, Rd8 31.Rc6, a5 32.Nc4, Nf5 33.Rf6:, a4 34.g4, Nh6 35.h3, ab: 36.ab:, Rd3 37.Rb6, Nf7 38.Rb8+, Kg7 39.Rb7, Rd4 40.Ne5

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